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Searching for Mary Anne Fitzgerald - Newcastle, County Dublin. & Tirmoghan, Kilcock, County Kildare.
Roy Joseph Maxwell
- Fechar

I am searching for relatives of and information on the above named: MARY ANNE FITZGERALD born GROGAN at Tirmoghan, Kilcock, County Kildare. Ireland. She married a man by the Surname of FITZGERALD - Forename unknown to me, of Newcastle, County Dublin. I believe he worked on the railways. I think perhaps she may have worked for a Mr. m. William Hammick Clerk in Holy Orders Living in Wood Quay Dublin in Census of Ireland 1901. I am aware she attended Her brother Christopher's funeral in 1919 but have no other info.

Her Parents: Michael Grogan of Tirmoghan Common Kilcock,&  Eliza Donegan of: Newcastle, Enfield. County Meath. Ireland. Buried in Ladychapel Cemetery, Maynooth County Kildare. Ireland. FAMILY BURIAL PLOT FOR GENERATIONS.  

Her Siblings: Christopher Grogan born 12th June 1876 - Died 19th March 1919 aged 43 Yrs. at Tirmoghan, Kilcock, County Kildare. His wife was Emily Jane Grogan (nee)  Needham. Daughter: Elizabeth ( Lucy ) Grogan married name - Maxwell & i Roy Joseph Maxwell am Christopher's Grandson. 

Sally Grogan Date of birth Circa 1870's. She emigarated to San Francosco Californa, U.S.A. where she married a man of the surname CASPER - Christian or Forename unknown to me. He was of German descent. They had 1 Daughter namely: Lucy Casper. Born circa 1918 

Kate Grogan - Born 1878 emigrated to San Francisco, California, U.S.A. She did not marry and died there in 1945.

GROGAN family came to TIRMOGHAN COMMON, KILCOCK, COUNTY KILDARE. IRELAND from LADYCHAPEL, MAYNOOTH, COUNTY KILDARE. IRELAND IN 1793 from where they had lived, died and were buried for many generations prior.  

All or any posts would be much appreciated. R.J. MAXWELL

Roy Joseph Maxwell
United Kingdom
- Responder