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Lorraine Debreceny

Ligou-se:5 de Janeiro de 2011 (4 anos atrás)
Sobrenomes que eu procuro:Stark; Walton; Addock,Debreceny, Hocking, Tulley, Rhodes

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William Walton Hello my name is William David Walton son of William Stuart Walton , Florance Walton .Maden name Livingston .brothers Stuart ,Ian,Kevin.Graham,Neville .Sisters Elaine,Joan,Janice Hi cousin
3 anos atrás
Lorraine Debreceny Hi William, I know very little of my Walton family as my parents seperated soon after I was born. I knew Aunty Minnie and met Aunty Boo twice. Other than that I met my father breifly once when he was visiting NZ about 25 years ago. Nice to hear from you Lorraine
3 anos atrás
Robert Hall Hi Lorraine, I see you are related to my family line through Johanna Zimmerman, who married Joseph Zimmerman. How dose your link come through to this family line !!!!.
3 anos atrás
Lorraine Debreceny Hi Robert, if Johanna was a Walton before she married she is the daughter of David Walton my Grandfather. I'm not very competent on this sight so will add you to as a site member. Hope this helps you. Regards Lorraine
3 anos atrás
Lorraine Debreceny Hi Robert, I don't know and can't find how to add you as a member!!!! Told you I was not competent . Regards Lorraine
3 anos atrás