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My name is <Bruce Gabel> and I started this site.
This site was created using MyHeritage.com. This is a great system that allows anyone like you and me to create a private site for their family, build their family tree and share family photos. If you have any comments or feedback about this site, please click aqui to contact .blgabel@aol.com
A nossa árvore genealógica está publicada online neste site! Existem 6765 nomes no nosso site de família.

The Gabel Gebel Rozenblum Siegel  Mudrik branches were from Bialystok.

The Gabel/Gebel were businessmen:  G&G Distributors (originally Gabel Florist Supply in Paterson and later Saddle Brook, New Jersey) and Carson & Gebel (manufacturers of ribbon and other novelties in Dover and later Rockaway, New Jersey) were some of the successes in America.

Upon researching the Yad-va-shem website, we found that a branch survived the shoah and settled in Argentina They were the descendents of Rykala Gebel-Stupnik Bienvenido! 

The Rozenblums owned Turpentine factories in Bialystok with the Siegels.

The Mudriks were builders. Aunt Martha would tell stories that they lived in a brick house with running water. David was a Hazzan who emigrated in 1903 Iskei and the other siblings arrived in1905.

The Greenspan side was from Antopol,Belarus.

The Levine branch was from a small shtel outside of Bialystok per Aunt Mollie Levine-Cohen. The Levines were tailors and founded Kings Haberdashers in Paterson, New Jersey, in the early 1900s. The Nedobeiko-Baiko Hirshberg branch was from Yelisabetgrad, Ukraine, and they fled during the famine; they were in the spice business.The Hirshbergs in the 1700's were shipbuilders living in Prussia. They built ships for the British Navy during the American Revolution. They were known as the Von Hirshbergs. They fled to Yelisabetgrad in 1819 during the pogrom and relocated their ship building business there. This was per Ethel Baker Weitz

On my wife's side, the Simonson branch was from Kiev.  Abraham Simonson, my wife's great grandfather, and grandfather of her mother Frances, had two sisters. He was trying to arrange for his sisters and their families to emigrate to the US, but it was during World War I. The US was neutral at that time, but the Germans threatened to sink the boat on which they were traveling. As a result, that branch of the family with the two sisters and their families, ened up in Cape Town, South Africa, which was the only port that would accept them. In May 2012, contact was made and the relationship between the American and South African cousins was confirmed. Welcome Back!!!

The Suekoff (also spelled Sukoff) branch was from Vilna and is a distant relation to the Grande Rebbe Sneerson. The Mason branch was from Odessa (the name was originally Metchnikoff, which was changed at Ellis Island to Measnikoff; and during the 1950s during the Red Scare in the U.S., my late father-in-law, Arthur Measnikoff, went to court to have it legally changed to Mason, using the letters in the original name to create "Mason"). The 1908 Nobel Prize winner for Medicine, Elie Metchnikoff, was his Great Uncle. The site was last updated on 30 de Mar de 2015, and it currently has 316 registered member(s). Se você deseja se tornar um membro também, por favor clique aqui.   Enjoy!

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