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My name is Anne Janzen and I started this site on MyHeritage after we completed our Family Collections in 2004.  I thought this was a great way to share it with everyone that contributed.  It also allows us to share some of our oldest most precious photographs.  And it has brought many of us together from all over the world, from Canada & USA to Germany, Russia and South America.  This website contains 2 large Family Trees, my own Allinger-Korvin, and my husband Harry's Janzen-Enns.   If you have any questions or comments, please click aqui to contact me.

A nossa árvore genealógica está publicada online neste site! Existem 11235 nomes no nosso site de família.
The site was last updated on 29 de Jul de 2015, and it currently has 441 registered member(s). Se você deseja se tornar um membro também, por favor clique aqui.   Enjoy!

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Um membro do site alterou detalhes de Aron P. W. Warkentin #105219 , Elizabeth D. Schmidt #72723 (born Warkentin) , Heinrich P. "Henry" Warkentin #50967 , Susanna P. W. Graewe #20293 (born Warkentin) e em 9 outras pessoas na árvore da família Janzen
Um membro do site alterou detalhes de Lady Alice Elizabeth Hewett (born Leveson) na árvore genealógica Allinger
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