Unknown POW in Bochum, Germany in WW2 (3)
Dec 22, 2017
Between some photos, that I found in the belongings of my grandmother, there also were 3 pictures of war prisoners with African heritage. I guess my grandmothers 2nd husband (my mothers stepfather, Ludwig Burkard) took these, as I found some pictures of him during his service for air defense in Bochum. I have no idea when exactly these pictures have been taken, who these people are nor if they are American, British or French but I just could not throw them away. Maybe someone is looking for them. I remember my grandmother told me, that she got in trouble once because she was caught throwing some bread over the fence of a camp with prisoners. She felt sorry for them, because they were hungry and had no shelter there. She got away with it. Imagine my surprise when I found these photos.
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