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How not to research
Huia Mitchell
- Fechar

Do not copy things from trees you find on this or other websites or your tree will be worthless. On another website there are lots of people who have Tui Mary Bettany b Ireland, m to a man b in 1723. Since some of them have Tui's father b 1899 that is utterly ludicrous, but still people copy it. There are 2 people on this site who have Tui b Ireland married to Methusalah's grandson.

Tui was NOT an Irish name. It is a Maori bird name, so most unlikely to have been given to somebody who was allegedly b in Ireand in c1725. If anybody can prove otherwise I would like to see the proof.

The best way to build your tree is to 'go to source' such as parish records. That is more likely to be correct.

Huia (one very angry sister of Tui).

Huia Mitchell
New Zealand
- Responder