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Hurley family Abbeydorney
sandra wannamaker
- Fechar
John Hurey born c 1820, County Kerry, probably Abbeydorney area and wife Johann Flaherty (daughter of John and Mary), had sons Michael b c 1844, John b 1855 and Timothy b c 1861 plus several others. 

After John's death c 1861-1873, Johanna and the sons plus one daughter migrated to Waterbury, CT to join two of her other children.

Timothy died 1883, Johann d 1889, Michael d 1892  (m Delia Church 1882, b  County Kerry , and had a son Timothy b 1883),

John a politiian and saloon owner  d 1926 leaving four children by two wives:  John who resided Waterbury,  Josephine who married Hubert Cooke and resided Waterbury,  Thomas who died 1946, and Mary who married Harold Winter and lived in Kingsfield Maine, and had 2 sons, Harold and unknown.

sandra wannamaker
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