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candy lincoln
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I am looking for my mothers twin brother. I have picturs of them together in ohio. I think they were about 5or 6. I know the pictures were taken in 1951. I'm perty sure they were adopted out at the age of 8. I found that there father is irish no nothing about there mother. I also have a picture of them together at the age of 8, they were on a big white pourch with big white pillers and there was a little girls foot sticking through the lower part of my mothers legs. they may have had a younger sister. but I don't know that for sure. Birth was may 23, 1946, my mother had red hair and brown eyes and was 5'4'' her name was kathleen ?. do not know the last name at the time of birth. any info. would be apre.
candy lincoln
Union City, MI
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