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Michael Taheny

Ligou-se:19 de Junho de 2008 (7 anos atrás)
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Rebecca Geoghegan Michael, I am a related to the Tahenys of the Southern York Peninsula, South Australia I am interested to know your background and relationship to our family. Would appreciate some contact
Rebecca Geoghegan
Port Moresby
Papua New Guinea
7 anos atrás
Michael Taheny HI Rebecca ,I am living in Riverstown Co Sligo Ireland home of all the tahenys I know the York Penincsulea family and I liv enear Cletta in County Sligo where their ancestors came from I met Ronnie a few uyears ago while she was on a tour in ireland Look me up on Facebook there are lots of tahenys on my site there
7 anos atrás
Michael Taheny I had a friend wkho spend some time in Papua New Guinea as an agricultural advisor 25 years ago
7 anos atrás
Paddy Walsh Hi Michael.I am related to the Dermot Taheny Family Sligo thru his wife Annie Taheny born Conlon, late of Mounttown,Geevagh. Annie was a sister to my mother "Kay" who married Jerry Walsh of Kiltimagh,Co Mayo,Ireland.If I can help,just let me know.
Paddy Walsh,
3 anos atrás