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Hans Bojne Sander

Ligou-se:6 de Julho de 2008 (7 anos atrás)
Sobrenomes que eu procuro:Sander,Bunnfors,Karlsson

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Nicola Johnson good job Dad for bringing us together in this internet maze
7 anos atrás
Marielle Sander I've got such a cool dad! What initiative - now we can learn the essential details to pass on to future generations - truly the mark of a Time Lord
7 anos atrás
Desconhecido What else can I ask for being up there with the Time Lords (eventually). Love Dad
7 anos atrás
Mary-Ann Laidlaw Hello, I'm interested in how we are connected, my mother was Joan Emily Edwards. Mary-Ann Laidlaw
2 anos atrás
Hans Bojne Sander Sorry, have no idea. For some reason I have ended up on your family tree which I'm trying to get out of. Cheers Hans
2 anos atrás