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Joseph Winterhalter Hi Caroline,

That is awesome. Now I have Anne Marie Keller listed as child of Josphus Keller and sibling to Vendelin Keller (my 4x grandfather). Is that the Anne Marie you are refering to?? My Aunt Betty is huge into Geneology and got me interested in it. She actual found a distant cousin who is also big into it. Between the two of them they have a lot on Vendelin Keller's son Jacob's line. My email address is: Can I ask for yours too so that we can all chat exchange information?? Also, I just got a message from Victor Gottschall who has Vendelin's daughter Monica's line. He just got a hold of me the other day. This is awesome. It is all coming together. Thanks. Looking forward to hearing from you.

7 anos atrás
Julie Marie Manning (Camp) Not a problem - I like rootsweb also. I just wanted to send you a note expalining why I was making such a major revision to your tree. As I have time, I will continue adding the transcriptions I have for census records and people. I also recently found an Alabama death record database on my favorite site, so I will be adding death information also.

6 anos atrás
Caroline Fischer Ok, if you ever see something wrong change it. Thats why I fixed the site so member could add and change items. I sent Micheal a invite to. I know the Fike's had like three John and a couple of james that got messed up so I haded really added to much on them till I was sure. I have been talking to Melissa some. She is kin thru the Manion (Jones) side. She is a double cousin. She is trying to found Edward and Mary parents.
6 anos atrás