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Julie Nelsen My family has been in search of the birth records for Obed King Parsons. All we know is he was born in Hamburg, Ia on Oct 26, 1875. We have no knowledge of his family background. He was my grandfather. He had married Bernice Freda Howell in 1914. We would like to find who his parents and family was.
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Gainen Parsons Hi Julie. I'm a great-grandson of Obed King and Viola Mae (Howell, who was Bernice's sister). They had two children, Witten Richard Parsons (my grandfather) and Luther Parsons. I can confirm your birth info for Obed; for your info, he died 3 Nov. 1952, in West Plains, MO (I have a scan of his death certificate). His parents were Obed Conaway Parsons and Clara Catherine (Henderson); as far as I know, Obed K. had 3 brothers and one sister (Tabitha, William, James all older, and Judson younger than him). Otherwise, I don't know a lot about him. I can trace back to his father (Obed C.), but can't get any further back than that.

So, how do you relate to Obed K.? I know you're his granddaughter; who are your parents? Is it true that he and Bernice had 11 children? If so, do you have any names? I only have a couple. ANY info you could pass along would be helpful, if only to confirm some of the stuff i'm not 100% sure about! =) I have a family tree going already, and I'd be happy to share it w/ you. Please shoot me an email at some point, and hopefully we can help each other out! =)

nth256 at gmail dot com.

Thanks for finding me!
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