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Ruth forster looking for pepole who are coneccted some how the jewish community in Southafrica\Paarl
2 anos atrás
Ruth forster מחפשת אחר משפחתו של יעקב כצנשטיין, אשר התגורר בשנות החמישים בנוה אחיעזר 14, בני ברק.
2 anos atrás
Ruth forster emilie peyser my grand grand mother was born in Bromberg 1860.
she had a sister Sopie, born 1858,and a brother Ludwig Peyser, born 1861.
their father was Phillip Peyser and he married Matilde breuhl.
any Peyser family is invited to join the club!
2 anos atrás
Ruth forster Siegmund-Sussmann Katzenstein, born in Rhina 14.1.1853, died in Berlin, 15.4. 1916
2 anos atrás
Ruth forster Rolf forster parents: Berl Forster and Fanny forster
berl had a sister named Ryvka Forster-Kirschbaum, who married David Kirschbaum, theie son Szulim was born in 1917, in Poland and died in 200 Canada.
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