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Dianne King Hi Mr Mc Neish
Your comment is pretty acurate re: the king whanau, Wallace was my grandads brother. My nanny lived at the back of your place and we would visit her often at Te Maika. Her name was Kirimangu (Mate ki waikato) and she married Jack (Teremoe) king. My dad use to have your book the Godwits?? (which was misplaced many years ago) and my nanny and grandads photos featured in that book. Many lovely childhood memories of Te Maika.

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Ngawai King
4 anos atrás
james mcneish hello ngawai
thanks for answering. I knew kiri and jack very well - they were my nearest neighbours at Te Maika. I've written about Kiri in the memoir "Touchstones: memories of people & place" which Random House NZ will publish next year. I think Wallace King was known as Wani
King. The history of Wm Deacon King is fascinating - my guess is he came ashore after the schooner was wrecked. We shall never know for certain. All best to you, thanks again. James
4 anos atrás
Dianne King Kia ora again Mr Mc Neish
Thanks for your reply. I cannot wait to read that book. My Dad will be so happy to know that you mention her. My Dad is the only living child of Nanny Kirimangu and Grandad Teremoe. He is 85 years old now. His name is John and they live in Raglan.

You have a very good memory re: our whanau. We have a number of family tracing our whakapapa so I guess I dont have to try too hard but it has been very nice to come across you.

I have fond memories of staying with Nanny Kirimangu (we called her nanny Te Maika) Like... my dad and Nanny staying up all night speaking Maori (I couldnt understand a word in Maori then!!), playing on the hills and the sand dunes, and one of the most memorable moments, each time, was getting of the boat, walking slowly past your home at night and seeing our Nannys house, light flickering from her small home, in the distance (When your 7 it seems like millions of miles away). I love those memories. Thank you so much Mr Mc Neish for including my nanny and grandad in your book.

Aroha nui. Ngawai
4 anos atrás