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Virginia Gibson Great Job!
Lisa,You have done a great job with this.  Thanks for including me and I look forward to everyone adding to the site.  ~Virginia
8 anos atrás
Lisa Cincotti Dammann Great Job!
Thank you so much, but I could not put together this site if it were not for my family (I love saying that) My Family   Please feel free to post whenever and whatever you pleaseXXX/OOOLisa
8 anos atrás
Peter Mooney I am not related. I have been transcribing Lawn Croft
Cemetery in Linwood,Pa. Unusual names like Pahides
stick in my memory. There are many there. Check out
Find A Grave search. There is a Michael S. and Maria
M. which may be related. Hope this helps.

4 anos atrás
Lisa Cincotti Dammann Thanks Pete...any link is helpful :)
4 anos atrás
Tim Rose My Thomas Rose is descended from a line from NC through GA and on to IL.
4 anos atrás