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Marian Raymond Hi I was wondering if you have any information on Mount Gerome at Holly Cross.
7 anos atrás
kaye sullivan Do you mean Mount Gerome Cemetery in Dublin?

Do you mean Holy Cross Church in Dundrum in Dublin?

Do you mean Holy Cross College In Clonliffe in Dublin?

The above listed are in three different parts of Dublin.

I may be able to help if you can give me what you are looking for.

Regards Catherine
7 anos atrás
Debra Dentelbeck I stumbled across this website looking for information on my family. I was hoping that you could help. I don't have much information except my family comes from the Wexford area and the name is Rowsom. Any info would be great! My email is
6 anos atrás
kaye sullivan Hi Debra,

Could you give me first names and an approx dates.

regards Kaye
6 anos atrás
Kathy Allen Hi Kaye, I was wondering if you have any information on a Martin Gooley married to Alice Moran. I think they lived near Wickford or Killkenny. I have not been able to get any information. They were my great grandparents. They had 2 girls Mary, Bridget and 2 boys, William (grandfather) and Henry. There could have been others. You can send to my email at Thanks, Kathy
5 anos atrás
patricia carroll Hi Kaye Could you help me with information on my family John McGregor he lived at 26 Cumberland street Dublin when he married his wife Elizabeth nee Butler of 3 Lr. Rutland St. Dublin his parents are Michael and Ellen McGregor nee Duffy, Elizabeth's parents are John and Jane Butler nee Reynolds, i'm just starting to trace my family tree so i would appreciate any help at all. Could you e-mail me please at
3 anos atrás
stephen carey Hi Kaye, I just read your message But can not see any attachment can i give you an e mail
2 anos atrás
Traci Gehrke I am looking for Senator Donnchadh D. Healy buried in Dean's Grange Cemetary in November 1946. Can you help in any way? Warm Regards, Traci Richard, Chapin SC USA_
109 dias atrás