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Genealógia:Joachim Fick & Catharina Margr.Rischbode,possibility very high-ANY RESEARCH!
Publicado por: cathy walters em Set de 15 de 2012 13:35

1st gen.Detlef Fick & unkn,2nd gen.Peter Fick & Mette Dammann,3rd gen.Peter Fick & 2nd wife Anna Dede;1. Peter Fick b.1849 Neuendamm,2.Adelheid Fick b.1851,Neuendamm

1. named for Peter Fick-fathers-father, my Joachim II visited his brother 1922,Q; is he same person ? Peter Fick was married 2 x's, 6 known living children, don't know order of births nor if anyother children's names that may had died. 3 full siblings USA & 1/2 sister with child circa USA 1908 Johann ,Kathatherine m. Schaaf NY/NJ, ? married Cav????a from Portugal-USA military,Metta? & Bertha NY/NJ? just going by memory, 3 known sisters remained; Anna m. Klindworth,Gretchen m. Peters, Marta m. BUCK !

2.Adelheid-named for mothers-mother=Adelheid_____Mrs.Johann Dede

3.Mette unkn if Adelheid middle, but she is known to remained in Germany-sister of Joachim & Peter, b.circa 1852/3 or 1858-1860 & may had been alive 1922 , she was named for fathers mother, Mette Damman...

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Genealógia:Our Henzel-Schuler cousin's in Brazil,needing help to find them and placement in family
Publicado por: cathy walters em Jun de 25 de 2009 14:56

Unknown if from our Rossin or Jesse sides from kreis Mogilno,Posen,Germany-now Poland. Or if through our Mietzner or Fedder lines ,from kreis Kolmar,Posen,Germany-now Poland.No letter,no envolope. Eileen?Henzel married 1958 Walter Schuler-School Teacher.How is our connection? And where are you? Are you Michael Rossin's daughter's? Or Michael's & Friedrich sisters daughters;of Pfeiffer,Reinke lines or of one of the other sisters who married-Uknown's? Or part of our Jesse lines;Kolander/Mundt,,Schroeder,Mittelstaedt,Albrecht,Miloston,Redel ?Or of our Mietzner lines-Zantow/Zanto? Or of our Fedder lines? Of kreis Kolmar,Posen,Germany-now-Poland. I sure hope you find this and me-I am looking forward from hearing from you-your cousin,Cathy Rossin Walters.

Rossin,Witt,Jesse,Bettin,Mietzner,Ziepke/Cypke/Zypke, Fedder/Vedder we are Crypto Jews, to see what sides are involved you should have your DNA tested. Mietzner lines Buschke,Konig, the Stoltz's, Ehr...

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Anúncios:link to MN Digital Library
Publicado por: cathy walters em Mar de 28 de 2009 15:08

Please post comment,info to share,or how to get a hold of you,dont forget to view all.Also click onto piture will give some info on it.-Thank's Cathy

NE MN Hist.Center-U of MN Duluth Library; hit link that says Minnesota Reflections or go to put surname or subject such as forts,useing latter found varitity of things-book of "German Aliens Enemies General Rules and Regulations"each state and cities are in alphabitical form-so if you are lucky to had relitive in city population of 5000 and if our state has info on-line you are lucky-if relitive hadn't filed for registration.Those that are under are unlucky-they had to file for regestry at post office and unknown info if they failed to regester-will not show up.
my cousin's husbands brother had failed to regester,if you want to...

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Anúncios:Mietzner,Fedder,Rossin tradition
Publicado por: cathy walters em Dez de 17 de 2008 18:42
Oyster Stew for Christmas & New Years,I highly dought this tradition was ours back in the Home Land ,but rather the early settlers of Plainview& Elgin,MN of hardy NEW ENGLANDERS ,which became our tradition,which for this family still continues to enjoy- Ouey the cost! Dec.18 1880;Invitation cards are out for a Grand Christmas Dance at Wiekel&Fedder Hall on Christmas Eve.,Friday Dec.24th.Good music has been secured for the occassion.An oyster supper will be served at Dodge&Smith's.All are invited and it is only fair to presume that there will be a large attendence & everyone can be afforded a merry good time.
Cathy Rossin Walters
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Genealógia:Continue of Friedrich Ferdinand Fedder
Publicado por: cathy walters em Dez de 17 de 2008 18:10
Piture of F.F. Fedder circa 1884 Grand Island NE.,Piture of Plainview Meat Market circa 1900,came from Ron Manzow-Plainview historian 1993, became Plainview Bakery,now JT variety &Toy shop-333 W broadway.Where he lived in Plainview Ron Manzow belives,the house of A.P.Foster's-340 5th ST SW,owned by Morris Cravath. He was a green grocier owner at 214 2nd St West Grand Island-1936 became the Majestic Theater.Belonged to the Mason Lodge of the Asher#33 of the Eastern StarelectedDec.19 1889,belonged to St.Paul's Lutheran Church-Grand Island.(when I first started his info,didn't have full name-searched for Ferdinand nor knew was butcher,started Plainview News papers 1980's by 1990's they were put on microfilm-don't like miss lot,so I missed a lot of his info-ads.Feb.9 1884;F.F.Fedder intends to start for Europe on a visit to his old home in Germany about the later part of this month.Mrs.Fedder will be accompany with him. same date ads;House&lot for sale near ...

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Genealógia:Grand Uncle Friedrich Ferdinand Wm Fedder
Publicado por: cathy walters em Dez de 17 de 2008 17:07
Friedrich Ferdinand Fedder,b.Dec.13 1845,Wischin kreis Kolmar Posen Germany(most likely Hauland-on old Polish Nobility Estate,which german farmers were welcomed to settle on 1797 and ended up owning 1815-1850,we need to know father Karl's occupation& verification of everything-I ran out of money.)
USA;Oct.9 1869 left the port of Bremen to Castle Garden,NY,NY on the steamship"DEUTCHLAND" with his sister Louise Anne Fedder along with future sister-inlaw Justina Mietzner Ehrenberg & two children.Leaving behind his father(stepmother Caroline Mietzner Fedder &1/2 siblings)and his younger sister Emilia C.Fedder.
Wabasha Hist.Society,Ron Manzow,Plainview centennal book 1957p.59 1862,Weigel&Fedder Meatmarket opened-but his only known entery is 1869,his obit says 1868?(later hope to add will info)
married,Wabasha co.Nov.2 1876 Augusta Kemp/Kehmke/Kempka (widow)b.Jan.__1852 Prussia d.Feb.14 1936-no children.
he d.Jan.19Fri.1906 Grand Island,Nebr...

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Histórias familiares:The Rossin girls talents,Agnes & Esther
Publicado por: cathy walters em Dez de 17 de 2008 15:42
below is a rug my neighbor Terri Preston made of Aunt Esthers blue jean striped jeans for rug making bought at Aunt Esthers auction May 2005 and just made this Dec.2008.As many know I live around the cornor from Auntie-well Terri Preston shared fence with Auntie.She visited hundreds of times with Auntie-many shared hobbies-included gardening.We on our block had block parties-they are a hoot and Auntie & Alnora Welke are much sadly missed-them and their 1 beer,and Joe Preston misses his special ladies-quiet the talk of the neighborhood-LOL!

Both Agnes Rossin Dubbels & Esther Rossin though-out the years made many things-which many of us Neices & Nephews recived .Rugs,quilts,orderments,and doll clothes.Sadly my 1970 bright paisly quilt with matching pillow cases-quilt was filled with pantyhose,bit the dust in the late 1990's-washed to many times! (from Aunt Esther) My triple circle &crazy 8 rag&nylon rugs from Agnes also same era came to same end about s...

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Genealógia:Our Mietzner-Buschke cousins,cousins visit,round robin anyone
Publicado por: cathy walters em Dez de 17 de 2008 14:59
Piture's top l; (Tillie)Ottilie Stoltz Quandt,Emilia Ernestine Buschke(Mrs.Carl Johann Uding Koenig),August Quandt Sr. and their grand daughter Tillie(Brannon Studios,525 E.Main St. Stockton,Ca. circa 1910?)
r;Jessie Buschke b.Nov.24 1893(Mrs.James Clifford Lane) Esther May Buschke b.Feb.25 1892(Mrs.Leo John Schmidts)-daughters of Gustav Aug.Daniel Buschke
bottomLto R;Louise Alexandrine Mietzner(Mrs.Johann Gottlieb Buschke),Gustav August Daniel Buschke b.Sept.4 1857 m.Caroline Jane Servos(these 2 are tins circa 1870?)Emilie Mietzner Oct.1910 was visiting our Lebert cousin's in Watertown & Grover South Dakota,Codington co.Kempsa twp.,wrote to her sister;Wanda-Mrs.Gottlieb Rossin-who was living at time in Ward South Dakota,Moody co.(Oct.12 1910Watertown) Dear Sister,Aunt Emilie(Emilie Dorothea Mietzner Kuhn?)and a Buschke girl with her husband,went to Grove today.She wants to visit all her cousins.I was thinking she ought to remember you.They are going back Thursday...

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Anúncios:Could it be a Rossin cousin? If not oh well,but an Old World German place to eat
Publicado por: cathy walters em Dez de 13 de 2008 10:23
Prior to WWI (1914 ?) Karl August Ratzch was in America and due to out break of war decided to stay here.He worked in this resturant married the owners stepdaughter Helen and then became the new owner ,now called Karl Ratzch's.
Karl Ratzch Sr. retired 1962
Karl Ratzch Jr. retired 1996
Joseph Ratzch is now owner son of Jr. Karl Ratzch's
320 East Mason
If you happen to eat there,leave a comment
on how the food was .
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Anúncios:Christoph JESSE family
Publicado por: cathy walters em Dez de 13 de 2008 09:46

Tremessen Ev. Lutheran Church Posen Germany (poznanproject)
father; Christoph Jesse b.Mar._1788 pl.unkn,m.unkn,d.July 11 1872Niewolno kreis MogilnoTremessen Ev.Church death record wife/s;unknow
#1.Christoph Jesse Jr. b.1817 m.#22 Witkowo 1848 Wilhelmine Kolander-widow of Michael Mundt
Pauline Jesse b.1850 m.#4.1869 Tremessen Michael Schroeder
(poss.m.of Jr. b.1812 #58Schocken 1834 Anna Rosina Probe f.Martin-
-more poss. b.1817 m.1847Schocken Louise Duesterhoeft) SGGEE Journal,Vol.3 #4,page page 10;poss.Christoph Jr.? Christoph Jess teacher fall of 1848(after 3rdm.?) Leonsberg-Volhynia,served 2yrs and in 1850 went to Erdsmannwieler (returned to Tremessen area by 1869 ,sponcer for Gottlieb Rossin in 1874 Tremessen & would had been 60yrs old in 1877) Gottlieb Rossin had rather son's become pastors then teachers,due -they had more respect.

#2.Anna Rosina Jesse m.1843 #11 Temessen Gottlieb Schmidt father;Michael Schmidt

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