Queensland Blue Book 1870

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Queensland Blue Book 1870. 1870. The Queensland Blue Books give details of people employed in the Queensland Civil Service for the year of publication. After listings of various appointed and elected Government officers and members, the larger part of this volume records appointments by department.Information generally given for each appointment:OfficeNameClass under Civil Service Act (Ordinary or Professional)Date of AppointmentBy whom Appointed, and under what InstrumentAnnual SalaryDate of First Appointment under Government of Queensland or New South WalesDetailed Index to Contents:Alphabetical Index to ContentsAdministration of " Crown Lands Act of 1868 "Asylum?Benevolent & LunaticAttorney-generalAuditor-generalBoard of General EducationBoard for Administering Out-door Relief...Botanic GardenChief Commissioner of Crown LandsChief Inspector of SheepClerks of Petty SessionsColonial SecretaryColonial StoreCommissioner for RailwaysCourts?District, Insolvency, SupremeCrown SolicitorCustomsDistilleries... and Sugar ManufactoriesElectric TelegraphsEngineer of RoadsEngraving and LithographingExecutive CouncilForeign ConsulsGaols and Penal - Brisbane, Rockhampton, ToowoombaPenal Establishment, St HelenGuardians of MinorsGeological SurveyGold FieldsGovernment PrinterGovernment Savings BankHis Excellency the Governor-in-ChiefImmigration AgentInsolvency CourtLegislative Council and AssemblyLock HospitalsLunatic Reception HousesMarine BoardMedical StaffMeteorological ObserverOrphan SchoolsPensionsPolicePolice MagistratesPostmaster-general (Postmasters, Clerical and Letter carriers)Public WorshipRegistrar-GeneralSecretary for Public LandsSecretary for Public Works, Mines, Etc,SheriffSuperintendent of Roads and BuildingsSupreme CourtSurveyor-generalStamp DutiesSteamer " Kate "Treasurer?colonialVolunteer Force ... ...Water PoliceIncludes an Index of Officers to the Civil Establishment.This Product is also available as part of the QLD Blue Book compendium. Buy the set at a special price.




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