Tasmanias War Record 1914-1918

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Tasmanias War Record 1914-1918. L. Broinowski. 1921. The Preface to this comprehensive record of Tasmanians in the First World War states that it 'aims at giving to the people of this generation

and of generations yet to come an idea of what Tasmanian soldiers did and endured and of the less glorious but very useful work done by thousands of men and women who remained at home ....'Family and local historians with Tasmanian interests are the "generations yet to come" who will find this an immensely useful record - not only for the names and details given, but for the historical accounts of the various units and fields of service.This narrative record is covered in 9 chaptersOrganising for BattleEgypt and Gallipoli.- 3rd, 9th, 12th 15th and 25th battalionsFrance and Belgium - 12th and 15th battalionsFrance and Belgium - 26th and 40th battalionsFrance and Belgium - 47th and 52nd battalions - artilleryEgypt and Palestine - 3rd Light HorseThe Australian Army Medical CorpsPrisoners in GermanyThe Civilian Effort The comprehensive Appendixes list:;District Enlistments - Summary for about 400 Tasmanian towns giving town population, number of enlistments and number who died from eachDecorations - summary of the various awards and the numbers of recipientsTasmania's Muster Rolls. These generally give name, rank, date of enlistment, length of service, rank on discharge and other remarksnearly 90 Nursesapprox 12,500 Officers, N.C.O's and Menover 90 Tasmanians who enlisted in other statesMaps and Photos are included




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