Visitation of Ireland

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Visitation of Ireland. Frederick A. Crisp. (1897-1918). The Visitation of Ireland is a collection of Irish pedigrees containing such information as was included in the Herald's

Visitations of the 16th and 17th centuries.The pedigrees begin, as was customary in the older Visitations, with the grandparents of the representative of the family and certain notices of all descendants, giving thus, in many cases, a complete record of five or more generations. Each pedigree is worked out with meticulous detail and each is authoritative. Several thousand connections and collateral descendants are cited in the 150 pedigrees contained in this one volume, which must be reckoned the only collection of Irish pedigrees now in print. The high standard of accuracy reflected in the pedigrees is handsomely complemented by profuse illustrations which include portraits, coats of arms, autographs, seals, and book-plates. The researcher is thus afforded the satisfaction of comprehensive materials from which to work. The original six-volume work was privately issued in an edition limited to only 250 copies; complete sets are now extremely rare and extremely expensive. This reprint combines the six volumes in one for purposes of economy and convenience. ". . . the pedigrees have been thoroughly worked out and in much greater detail than is customary in Burke's Landed Gentry and kindred books of reference."--The Genealogist (New Series), XXVIII (1912) publishes genealogy books and CDs. Whether you are just beginning to explore your family tree or are an experienced researcher looking for in-depth genealogy data, can provide you with the resources you need. We publish over 2,000 genealogy books and compact discs featuring colonial genealogy, Irish genealogy, immigration, royal ancestry, family history, and genealogy methods and sources. is the online home of Genealogical Publishing Company, Clearfield Company, and Gateway Press. Search our genealogy books by title, author or keyword phrase or browse our genealogy book sale.




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