Eastern Cherokee Census, Cherokee, North Carolina, 1915 ? 1922

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Eastern Cherokee Census, Cherokee, North Carolina, 1915?1922, Taken by Agent James E. Henderson. Volume III: 1919?1920. Jeff Bowen . (2005)This is a transcription of the fifth and sixth year (1919-1920) of a census of the Eastern Band of Cherokee Indians taken by James E.

Henderson, Indian Agent representing the U.S. government for the Bureau of Indian Affairs. The entire census covers the eight years between 1915 and 1922 and is based on a microfilm copy of a typescript originally on file at the National Archives in Washington, D.C. Mr. Jeff Bowen, who transcribed the first two volumes in this purported four-volume work in 2004 (Volume I, 1915-1916; and Volume II, 1917-1918), now returns with Volume III. This series marks the first time the Eastern Cherokee data has been made available as a publication. As with the previous two volumes, Volume III concerns the Eastern Band of Cherokee Indians from Cherokee, North Carolina, living on the reservation known as the Qualla Boundary. Individuals enumerated in the census are descendants of the Cherokees who were not removed to Indian Territory during the period 1838 to 1839 in the migration known as the Trail of Tears. While there is sometimes additional data, information provided in the census almost invariably gives the individual's name, family relationship, date of birth, and sex-information that is critical in any genealogical research. In some cases, the Indian Agent also compiled Cherokee birth and death dates or the names of children living apart from their parents. In all, this book refers to another 4,000 Cherokees who inhabited the Qualla Boundary.Genealogical.com publishes genealogy books and CDs. Whether you are just beginning to explore your family tree or are an experienced researcher looking for in-depth genealogy data, Genealogical.com can provide you with the resources you need. We publish over 2,000 genealogy books and compact discs featuring colonial genealogy, Irish genealogy, immigration, royal ancestry, family history, and genealogy methods and sources. Genealogical.com is the online home of Genealogical Publishing Company, Clearfield Company, and Gateway Press. Search our genealogy books by title, author or keyword phrase or browse our genealogy book sale.




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